The Gospel & The Church

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April 8, 2016

Have you ever wondered why there are so many churches?  If you grew up in North Carolina or have been in this area for any considerable amount of time, you’re probably accustomed to seeing a child building on almost every street corner of a local town or on every road in the county.  Perhaps if you’re like me, you grew up on a road or a street named after a church.

Almost six years ago, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in northern Iraq – a place where there are no church buildings, but where there are plenty of Mosque’s.  However, despite the appearance of the absence of the church, I was amazed to see plenty of evidence and experience first-hand a church that was alive and well even in this part of the world where it can be extremely risky to be part of a church or to claim to be a Christian.

Simply because there isn’t a building doesn’t mean there isn’t a church.  I believe many of us know this, and yet the concept is something completely foreign to us based on where we live.

For 2,000 years, the Church has been expanding around the world.  It thrives in some of the most unlikely places – often under the threat of persecution.  It takes many shapes and forms, and comes in all sorts of sizes and flavors.  And yet, despite all of these differences, each of these smaller churches make up THE Church (or what we often refer to as the big “C” Church), of Life Church is a part.

I’m so excited to begin a brand-new teaching series this weekend we’re calling The Gospel and the Church, which will attempt to give us some insight into this really BIG thing we’re part of concerning the Universal Church, while also sharing what makes us unique as a local church and how we serve a critical role to the overall accomplishment of the mission of the Church…which is the advancement of the Gospel.

If you’ve ever wondered what Life Church is about, whether or not you should become a member, or even why there are so many churches, then this will be an especially good time to join us!

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