being held together

For months now (almost a year), there has been a new consistency that has emerged in my longings and petitions before the Father; One, that He would be gracious to remind me of His faithfulness today, and rather than me finding myself spinning my wheels trying to be a ‘faithful follower’ or ‘servant,’ that I would be so captured by the reality of His faithfulness that my life would simply be a response to that knowledge today. Two – that the Father would ‘hold me steady’ through the turbulence of a season in my life that can only be described as one of obedience, waiting and development.

I look forward to expounding more openly in the coming days on some of the learnings, struggles and
realities of some of the things the Father has been revealing in me, healing in me and accomplishing through me as I continue my walk with Him.

Let the blogging resume…

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