New Teaching Series at Awaken…

I’m so excited to have my friend and one of my mentors, Ken Chester, teaching this month at Sunday Worship Gatherings. We’ve been working on this teaching series for several weeks now – we’re calling The Chronicles of Jesus – where Ken will be unpacking several different identifying marks of Jesus, beginning with Jesus, The Saving One, and continuing throughout the month with different aspects built around the phrase, Jesus, The ______ One.

Now, I have to share a little secret of Ken’s and how he’s been not only preparing for this series, but how he tends to prepare different thought he writes on daily. While at the downtown YMCA, Ken has told countless stories of fresh encounters with God through both solitude and conversations with others…in the steam-room. Interesting. Which raises the question, “what has God been trying to say to you while your sitting in your local sauna?”

Anyway, I’m praying – along with Ken – that visits to the steam-room this month will be rich, deep, Holy Spirit filled…that God would flood Ken’s heart and mind with fresh thoughts on how to retell an ancient and personal account of the person, purpose and plan of Jesus…The Chronicles of Jesus.

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