Already today so many of you (my family and friends) have called to bless me as I celebrate my “31st.” I looked at Molly this morning in bed and asked her how it felt to be married to someone in their “thirty-somethings.” She doesn’t seem to mind – and besides, how lucky am I to be married to such a young chick now? My girls (Molly and Julia) surprised me with a few gifts this morning, and both of my ‘moms’ sang “happy birthday” to me over the phone. What an awesome morning!

Anyway, thanks to each of you…for your friendships, and for the joy, encouragement and strength I draw from each of you. Out of my need for Christ, I need you in my life. Know how much of a blessing you are to me today – each of you! My friend, Peter Kim, and I were talking yesterday about the amazing gift of having people in your life who not only depend on you, but who you also depend on – a term known as interdependence. What a hope Christ has given us to look at one another in humility and love and say, “I need you and having you in my life makes things okay!” Thanks for being that for me as I hope to pour the same back into you…

Tonight, I will be traveling to Wilson to speak to some teenagers there about navigating through sexuality and God’s plan to move them toward His dream for their lives. I would so appreciate your prayers over this time…that God’s heart would be heard in a clear and simple way tonight through me, and that He would restore hope and bring healing to the kids who are desperate for it, and strength to those who feel like they’re a fish swimming upstream…

Blessings, life and peace today…

Here’s a video my friend Jeff Harris sent me. This is what Julia and I watch on Saturday mornings together. Does this cause you to reminisce?

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