Out of the loop…

I started to write this overly-spiritual explanation as to why I’ve been absent from blogging the last few weeks, but I thought it’d be a waste of words and time. Which raises a great thought I might have to write about soon: why do we sometimes feel we have to spiritualize everything that goes on in our lives? Why can’t we just be and live and enjoy, rather than try to analyze the meaning in everything? So, the short and skinny of it is that with April 15th looming last week, I needed focus on completing my 2007 tax-return online…which I did myself this year – what a huge accomplishment and relief!

So, now that I’m out from under the pile of 1040’s, W2’s, Schedule SE’s, 2140’s and so forth, I’m excited to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

Over the last couple of weeks I was able to be part of helping my friend, Ken Chester, finally get his blog up and going. I encourage you to check it out at ingodsgrip.org. Ken shares insightful thoughts daily (Monday-Friday) centered living whole and complete lives in Christ and refreshing reminders of who we are in Him. You can subscribe to his blog by clicking here.

Thanks for checking in and not giving up on me…

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