Speaking of dreaming…

(referring to thoughts from my recent post, resolutely)

Julia and I in Chicago in front of the Michael Jordan statueLast week, Molly, Julia and I visited Chicago for a few days with our friends, Ryan, Caroline and Amelia Shuping. In all, we had a blast. One of the highlights (besides spending the whole week with my girls) was finally getting a chance to see Michael Jordan – well, not the real MJ, but the infamous statue of him outside the United Center. Now, I have to say this wasn’t equivalent to the Hebrews worshiping a golden calf…although I’m not sure how to really explain how it wasn’t…but it was a great experience nonetheless seeing a tribute to who I believe is the greatest basketball player there ever was and ever will be (feel free to offer your opinion…I’ll stick to mine)!

Feel free to click on the picture to see more photos from out trip. And hooray Skybus and Travelzoo for making the trip affordable!

One Reply to “Speaking of dreaming…”

  1. Chris-
    Aren’t you glad you didnt go on this trip a week later? Skybus might have left you hanging after they flew you to Chicago! Anyways I am glad you had a great time and yay for Julia for being a good travleing buddy!

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