Julia eating cerealLast night was a first! Julia had her first taste of solids (semi-) yesterday evening in the kitchen…and it was hilarious! At first, while Molly held a baby-sized spoon up to Julia’s lips, she had that look on her face like, “what is this?” But after just a few minutes, she had it down! In fact, she probably could’ve eaten the whole bowl!

Today was another…Julia sitting up in her ‘boppy’ all by herself.

Julia sitting upWow…I can’t believe my little girl is growing up so quickly – already eating solids. Just a reminder that life is linear. It’s always moving. It never stands still. It’s about living moment by moment, and savoring those moments as they come. Living fully present.

Thank goodness for pictures! To see more pictures, visit our family site at or

One Reply to “Milestones”

  1. This is good stuff man….make sure you write down these dates and accomplishments. You will blink and when you open your eyes she will be telling you what to do. That is what is happening at my house right now.

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