Beauty in Ashes

Today in Boone, it is raining outside, the overcast makes visibility low, and the air is warm so that your clothes stick to you. Very few people are out on the streets, but for those few that are, the majority keep their faces to the ground to keep from getting any inch of their skin wet. Water has accumulated in many places, so that it is almost impossible to walk anywhere without getting a sock full of rainwater.

Today is one the most beautiful days in the world. I cannot explain to you the peace I found in just taking a simple walk down to Espresso News and back. With smooth jazz in my ear buds and rain gently falling on my face as I kept it towards the sky, God was there. I wanted to find every opportunity in the world to make eye contact with someone and just smile. I’ve found eye contact, even if just for one second, with a complete stranger, slows down time. Not literally, but it’s one of those instances where you suddenly wonder what town they were born in, and whether they know this God who makes rain beautiful.

I think rain is very symbolic of our lives. Most people see rain as irritable, sticky, and an overall nuisance to our daily life. And, on face value, it is. This can represent the pain and hardships we face in our lives. But, also, think about this. When it’s raining, you cannot help but notice. You’re either going to wear what you normally wear and suffer through it in your mind, or wear a raincoat and get through a little better. Regardless of the choice, your day changed a little because of the rain.When it rains, I see this as God getting our attention. The same is with some of the pains and struggles we go through.
The phrase, “beauty in ashes,” is basically another way of saying, “look at the bright side.” Rain can be annoying, but it can also be revitalizing. Water is one of the strongest images tied to purity and cleansing. As each drop of rain touches your face, think about it this way: every drop represents a single mistake or sin or whatever in our lives that’s holding us down. And every drop, as it hits your face, is God proclaiming, “You are free of guilt and misery. Live free and abundantly.”

Think about this! Ooh man! When a raindrop hits your face, think about how lucky you are! You are the only person who gets to feel that raindrop in the whole entire world. If that doesn’t make you feel unique, I don’t know what can.

I could keep going, but I want you to start where I finished off. Let it be a conversation between you and God.

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