An Acceptable Fast

A reflection on Lent through Isaiah 58 At the time of this particular entry, Lent is just a few days away. Lent is one of the five major seasons observed historically in many liturgical church traditions (by ‘liturgical,’ I mean more structured, perhaps scripted and antiquated styles of worship or tradition) ; it is preceded … More An Acceptable Fast

A Brief Overview of Holy Week

[This first appeared at] March 25, 2018 Edited: March 30, 2020 A Brief Overview of Holy Week  There are usually five – in some cases, six – days during Holy Week that are specifically commemorated, beginning with Palm Sunday (this Sunday), which commemorates Jesus’s paradoxical Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. (John 12:12-19). Although not as common, some set-apart the following Wednesday as ‘Silent Wednesday;’ a day … More A Brief Overview of Holy Week