Radiance & Goodness

A lesson on radiance, goodness and the glory of God from Psalm 34 In 1998, I was crowned champion of the Appalachian State Intramural Pickleball Tournament. (Trust me, that sounds way more glamorous than it actually was.) While pickleball has caught on over time and has become, as one website put it, “one of the … More Radiance & Goodness

The Back of God

In Exodus 33, we find an interesting interaction between Moses and God (as if each interaction isn’t already interesting enough!).  In verse 18, Moses makes a rather odd but direct request of God; “…show me your glory.”  It’s an oddrequest only when you consider all that Moses has seen and experienced up to this point.  But Moses … More The Back of God

Carrying The Fire

And other reflections on growing up in the traditional church Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.Proverbs 22:6 I grew up attending Sunday services at a small, rural United Methodist Church in eastern Rockingham county – a solid 30-35 minute drive one way … More Carrying The Fire

Worth Fighting For

Have you ever had someone fight for you?  A friend who fended off a bully, even if it meant taking punches that were meant for you?  A big sister or big brother who, in most cases seemed like they couldn’t care less for you, all of a sudden became protective of you?  An adult who intervened at just the … More Worth Fighting For