The Peacemakers

Peacemakers Series (2017)

Conflict is inevitable and essentially unavoidable.  It exists in almost every relationship, and is undoubtedly present in the world around us.  It’s not the absence of conflict but what we choose to do with it that makes us peacemakers.  God uses peacemakers, called and equipped by God, to breathe grace into relationships and the world around us, demonstrating His power to do through us what we could otherwise not accomplish on our own.  Peacemaking isn’t avoiding conflict; it’s having the courage to step into the conflict for the glory of God for the sake of reconciliation. 

Pt. 1: Ambassadors of Reconciliation
2 Corinthians 5:11-21
Pt. 2: To the Glory of God
Romans 12:18, 1 Corinthians 10:31
Pt. 3: Get the Log Out of Your Eye
Matthew 7:1-5
Pt. 4: Gently Restore
Matthew 18:12-36
Pt. 5: Go and Be Reconciled (Forgiveness)
Matthew 5:23-24

Peacemakers Series (2014)

Week 2: Get the Log Out of Your Eye
Week 3: Gently Restore


Peacemaking (Biblical Reconciliation)

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