Exodus (1-19)

Chapters 1-19

While Genesis holds the prominence of being the first book in the Bible, Exodus is a story of beginnings for God’s people.  It is the infamous ancient account of how God miraculously rescues a people living in bondage and sets them apart as his treasured possession, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, (Exodus 19:4-6) through whom his plan of redemption and rescue of all humanity would one day be fulfilled.  

The Exodus is the major event in the history of the nation of Israel that has been commemorated for nearly 3,400 years – and event by which God’s people were given an identity and a unique purpose.  

Yet, while this is the origin story of the nation of Israel, what we will discover is that this story is OUR story as well.  As followers of Jesus, ours is a story of how God has drawn us out of our captivity, set us free from our bondage, and delivered us into the Light so that we too might join him in delivering others.

This series is a 30-week journey through one of the most beautiful and compelling stories ever told – a story where we find hope, purpose and encounter the very presence of Jesus along the way.

Digging Deeper:
For those of you who are invested in going a little deeper, there are a few resources below we’d like to recommend:

Pt. 1: The Gospel According to Exodus
Pt. 2: Drawn Out
Pt. 3: Burning Bushes
Pt. 5: Returning to Egypt
Pt. 6: Bricks
Pt. 7: Plagues (1)
Pt. 8: Passover
Pt. 9: Plagues (2)
Pt. 10: A Holy Rabble
Pt. 11: Possessed by God
Pt. 13: The LORD is a Warrior
Pt. 14: The LORD is our Rest
Pt. 17: The LORD is our Healer
Pt. 18: Priests & Kings

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